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Data input into 'Freee' + closing of accounts and tax returns plan

Data Input + Tax Return

This is a plan in which we will handle everything from data entry into Freee's accounting system to the closing of accounts and tax returns on your behalf.



  • The above amounts do not include Freee Accounting fees, and we are always available to discuss Freee Accounting plan options with you.



Settlement of Accounts and Tax Returns

Preparation of income tax, corporate tax, consumption tax, local tax, and business tax returns and tax returns *1

Bookkeeping and Accounting Software Entry Service

Upload receipts, copies of passbooks, credit card statements, sales charts, invoices, etc. to the cloud accounting system, and our office will do the bookkeeping and data entry into the cloud accounting software on your behalf.

※ For taxes other than those mentioned above, please inquire separately. ※ Regarding bookkeeping, we request your final confirmation and approval for all details. ※ In cases where documents are submitted by mail or when documents are not filed by account category, additional charges may apply. This is also applicable if there are private expenses mixed with business-related expenses. ※ Receipt organization or filing is not included. The received receipts will be returned as they are.



◆Caution regarding business size

  • The business size (annual sales) of corporate clients used to determine the tax filing fee is based on the estimated annual sales for the year covered by the advisory contract. However, if the client's expenses, assets, liabilities, and capital exceed the amount of net sales, we may use that amount. In the case of miscellaneous, non-operating, or other income, the miscellaneous, non-operating, or other income will be added to the business size (annual sales).

  • For individuals and sole proprietors, your business size (annual revenue) will include all sales, income, and sales proceeds from salaries, real estate, dividends, miscellaneous income, etc., in addition to income from business.

◆Precautions regarding financial statements

  • If you are a medical corporation, specified nonprofit corporation, general incorporated association, or other special business, we may propose a fee different from the above amount.

  • The above fees include the settlement of accounts and final tax returns (income tax, corporate tax, local tax, business tax, and consumption tax). However, tax refunds, correction requests, amended tax returns, and other special tax returns are, in principle, charged separately.

  • In the case of special or complicated transactions for tax purposes, a separate fee may be required depending on the contents of the tax return.

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