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Kagoshima Prefecture

Gourmet food, drinking, animals, futsal

After graduating from university, I worked as a dietitian at a nursing home in Kagoshima. I was always interested in food, so when the company representative asked me if I would like to work in a café in Tokyo, I quickly accepted and moved to Tokyo. I joined LOOK UP as a founding member and am currently involved in all aspects of the business, including the coffee shop "LOOK UP COFFEE", the coworking space "LUPO", and the accounting firm "LOOK UP ACCOUNTING". In these businesses, I am involved in a variety of tasks, from administrative work to public relations, management of social media, community management, and barista work. Although each role is vastly different from the next, I enjoy broadening my horizons each day and find it rewarding. This experience has also given me the ability to further my understanding of the clients who visit our accounting office and the chance to think deeply alongside them. As I also provide support for grant applications, I hope to empathize with our clients on their journey as they head toward a bright and exciting future!

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