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Staff introduction


Yonemitsu Kentaro

Yonemitsu Kentaro






Kagoshima Prefecture

Certified Public Accountant / Certified Tax Accountant

Reading, Showa-era comedy

The University of Tokyo, Faculty of Liberal Arts, Department of International Relations

Hello, my name is Kentaro Yonemitsu, President of LOOK UP ACCOUNTING.
I have worked for KPMG AZSA Audit Corporation, UZABASE/Quartz Co., and Recruit Co. I have been responsible for a wide range of work from auditing listed companies, working in New York on International PMI operations, and governing internal deals to overseas subsidiaries. These experiences have been the cornerstone of my business development at LOOK UP.
Today's business environment is changing at a dizzying pace with the advancement of DX. We at LOOK UP ACCOUNTING are committed to providing quick and efficient support for the challenges faced by business managers by making full use of ever-evolving IT. Our mission is to open up new areas of business together with business owners. To this end, the members of my firm and I aim to provide flexible and reliable services as opposed to the rigid and impersonal services offered by other professionals. With the support that can only be delivered by us, we will do our utmost to help your business to succeed!


B.A. in International Relations, Faculty of Liberal Arts, The University of Tokyo
KPMG AZSA & Co., Ltd.
UZABASE/Quartz Co., Ltd.
Recruit Co., Ltd.

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