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Only for closing of accounts and tax returns

Fiscal period

You will input data into freee's accounting system by yourself, and we will only check the input contents and file tax returns on your behalf.



  • The above amounts do not include Freee Accounting fees, and we are always available to discuss Freee Accounting plan options with you.



Settlement of Accounts and Tax Returns

Preparation of income tax, corporate tax, consumption tax, local tax, and business tax returns and tax returns *1

Freee Accounting Implementation and Setup Support

Support for initial setup and conversion to self-accounting (so that you can perform accounting operations on your own), including guidance regarding the operation of Freee Accounting *2

※ Regarding bookkeeping, we request your final confirmation and approval for all details.



◆Precaution regarding business size

  • For individual clients, the size of the client's business (annual income) includes not only business income, but also all sales, income from salaries, real estate income, dividend income, and all other sales, income, and sales proceeds. For clients with special businesses or special corporate structures, we may propose an amount higher than the fees listed above. If the size or nature of the business changes significantly, we may consult with you regarding the closing fees.

◆Precaution for closing accounts

  • If you are a medical corporation, specified nonprofit corporation, general incorporated association, or other special business, we may propose a fee different from the above amount.

  • The above fees include the settlement of accounts and final tax returns (income tax, corporate tax, local tax, business tax, and consumption tax). However, tax refunds, correction requests, amended tax returns, and other special tax returns are, in principle, charged separately.

  • In the case of special or complicated transactions for tax purposes, a separate fee may be required depending on the contents of the tax return.

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