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Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy for LOOK UP ACCOUNTING

LOOK UP provides a chat service to provide information more easily to our customers. Since we handle the personal information of many of our customers and employees in the course of operating our business, we have implemented a company-wide approach to "personal information protection" to ensure that we are responsible as a company.

Personal Information Protection Policy


1. When we need to collect, use, or provide personal information, we will comply with relevant laws, regulations, national guidelines, and other norms.

2. Personal information collected will be used only within the scope of the consent of the subject of the information.

3. Personal information collected will be used only within the scope of the purpose agreed upon.

4. We will continuously improve our personal information protection management system.

5. We will establish a "Customer Inquiry Desk" and respond appropriately to complaints and inquiries regarding personal information. For personal information in our possession, we will accept requests from the person in question to disclose, correct, delete, add, erase, stop using, or refuse to provide to a third party, and we will deal with such requests in a reasonable manner.

Established on November 1, 2023



Representative Director Kentaro Yonemitsu

【Contact for inquiries about personal information protection】

LOOK UP Co., Ltd. Personal Information Protection Manager Kentaro Yonemitsu


1. Handling of Personal Information

LOOK UP Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "the Company") respects the privacy of companies, organizations, etc. (hereinafter referred to as "Service Users") using the services provided in accordance with this Privacy Policy (hereinafter referred to as "the Services") and handles the personal information of Service Users with the utmost care. The Company shall respect the privacy of companies and organizations using the Service (hereinafter referred to as "Service Users") and handle personal information of Service Users with due care. The provision of personal information is voluntary, but if you do not answer certain questions, you may not be able to use our services.


2. Purpose of Use of Personal Information

We will use personal information only to the extent necessary to carry out the following business activities.


(1) For service users - To authenticate service users and to provide this service.

- To send and transmit inquiry mail, communications, mail magazines, direct mail, various notices, etc. in connection with the use of the Service.

- Provision of personal information to companies using the Service based on Service Users' consent or application.

- Distribution and display of advertisements, content, etc. based on Service Users' respective histories (attribute information, device information, location information, and action histories), and provision of the Service.

- Provision of information that is easier to use and more valuable to Service Users

- To provide more user-friendly and valuable information to the users of the Service.

- To confirm and respond to opinions and inquiries regarding the Service.

- To facilitate any other transactions and the appropriate and smooth handling of contracts with customers.


3. Provision of Personal Information to Third Parties

As a general rule, we will not provide personal information to third parties without the consent of the Service Users. We will specify the recipient and the content of the information to be provided and will provide the information only after obtaining the Service User's consent. However, in the following cases, personal information may be provided without the consent of Service Users to the extent that it does not violate related laws and regulations.


- When it is judged that the Service User will cause disadvantage to a third party.

- Cases in which the provision of personal information is particularly necessary for improving public health or promoting the sound growth of children, and in which it is difficult to obtain the consent of the Service Users themselves.

- Cases in which the handling of personal information is necessary for the protection of the life, body, or property of an individual, and in which it is difficult to obtain the consent of the Service Users themselves.

- Cases in which it is necessary to cooperate with a national agency, a local government, or an individual or entity entrusted by either a national agency or local government to execute affairs prescribed by law, and in which obtaining the Service Users' consent is likely to impede the execution of those affairs.

- When disclosure of personal information is requested by a court of law, a public prosecutor's office, the police, or an agency with equivalent authority.

- When we reasonably judge that it is necessary to provide the service to the Service Users themselves.


4. Disclaimer regarding provision of personal information to third parties

We assume no responsibility for the acquisition of personal information by third parties in the following cases.


- When a service user voluntarily provides his/her personal information to a company that provides the service.

- When a Service User is unintentionally identified by registered information other than personally identifiable information.

- In the event that information that can identify an individual (name, e-mail address, etc.) is obtained by a person other than the Service User.


5. Outsourcing of Personal Information Processing

In order to provide better service to our customers in the course of our business operations, we may outsource a portion of our operations. The Company will be responsible for the handling of personal information by the outsourced company.

6. Disclosure, correction, etc. of personal information

If a service user wishes to inquire about or correct his/her own personal information, the service user or his/her legal representative will contact us and we will respond to the request in a proper and lawful manner in accordance with our established methods.


If you wish to request disclosure or correction of personal information, please contact the Customer Service Center of LOOK UP Co. We will send you a request form for disclosure, etc. as prescribed by our company. Please fill in the required items on the request form and send it to our Customer Service Center. In this case, the identity of the applicant will be confirmed by comparing the name, address, and telephone number on the Request for Disclosure form with the personal information held by the Company. If the information is different from the personal information held by the Company, or if you request correction or deletion, the Company may ask you to present a document that can verify your identity, such as a driver's license or certificate of residence.

7. Cases of Acquisition by Methods Not Easily Identifiable by Service Users

(1) Cookies, etc. among attribute information, device information, location information, and action history, etc. (hereinafter referred to as "action history, etc.")

We use cookies to protect the privacy of service users, improve convenience, and deliver advertisements. In addition, by using technology such as cookies and JavaScript, etc., the Company may use information provided by Service Users, such as age, gender, occupation, residential area, and other non-personally identifiable attribute information (limited to information that cannot be used to identify individuals even when combined), device information, Service User (i.e., URLs accessed, content, order of reference, etc.) and location information based on the consent or application of Service Users when using smartphones, etc. However, cookies and behavioral history may not be used to identify individual Service Users. However, cookies and action history do not include any personal information.

(2) Regarding access logs, etc. in the following cases among action history

When a Service User logs in and uses the Service, the Company may deliver and display advertisements, contents, etc. and provide the Service using the action history, etc. from before said log-in, after identifying the individual.


8. Changes to the Privacy Policy.

We reserve the right to change our privacy policy at any time, except as otherwise required by law.


9. Complaints and Inquiries Regarding Personal Information Subject to Disclosure

We will respond appropriately and promptly to complaints, consultations, and other inquiries regarding personal information.

【Contact for inquiries about personal information protection】

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