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Commissioned work/ Outsourcing

Office Staff

Would you like to leverage your accounting skills whenever and wherever you want?

Leverage your accounting experience and thrive with remote work!

We are in an era of recognizing diverse ways of living and working, with reasons such as side jobs, parallel work, parenting, and caregiving gaining greater recognition in society. LOOK UP Group supports people working in diverse ways that suit them.


Application Guidelines

Employment Type

Commissioned work/ Outsourcing

Working Hours

Requirements: Those who can commit to a total of 60 hours or more per month Preferred Conditions: Those who can work during weekdays and daytime hours

Job Description

For freelancers and corporate accounting, you can work from home or your preferred location by outsourcing tasks via cloud accounting.


Specific tasks include:

- Journal entries

- Issuing invoices

- Accounts receivable and accounts payable management

- Monthly closing

- Speaking with clients to confirm transaction details as needed


In addition to the above, we also have other tasks to be completed based on your experience.

Work Location

100% Online / Fully Remote


Required Qualifications:


- Individuals who have obtained Nissho Bookkeeping Level 3 (or have 2 or more years of practical experience)

- Proficient in business tools such as Excel, email, and chat tools

- Comfortable with IT tools such as web conferencing systems/cloud storage

- Experience in accounting in an accounting firm or general company

- Experience in using accounting software such as freee or Money Forward


*If you are accustomed to PC work in your daily life, there is no need to worry, as advanced IT skills are not required.


Hourly Rate: 1,200 yen (including tax) / h ~
* This flat rate is the initial rate. Depending on your experience and tasks, we may increase the compensation.


Please ensure you can meet the following four requirements. There may be additional conditions depending on the project.

① Personal Computer Equipment for Work:

- For personal use only (Separate conditions if shared with family, etc.)
- Computer equipment purchased within the last 5 years (Equipment purchased within the last 3 years is recommended)

* If there are any issues or malfunctions with the equipment after accepting the task, please prepare a replacement computer on your own.

② For Windows OS:
Windows 10 or later

* While MacOS is also possible, we recommend Windows (as some of our software may not be compatible with Mac).

③ Internet Environment: Speed of 10Mbps or higher is required.

④ Paid version of antivirus security software (free version cannot be used)

* Please note, individuals residing in countries where accessing basic websites such as Google is difficult, may be excluded from consideration.

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