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This plan includes everything from input into Freee cloud accounting software, bookkeeping, payroll, My Number management, withholding tax administration, year-end adjustments, to financial closing and tax returns.

Premium Plan Pricing


  • The above amounts do not include Freee Accounting fees, and we are always available to discuss Freee Accounting plan options with you.



Settlement of Accounts
and Tax Returns

Preparation of income tax, corporate tax, consumption tax, local tax, and business tax returns and tax returns *1

Questions and Consultations

Questions and consultations regarding accounting, taxation, and use of cloud accounting software by phone, email, chat, or web conference.

Freee Accounting Implementation and Setup Support

Support for initial setup and conversion to self-accounting (so that you can perform accounting operations on your own), including guidance regarding the operation of Freee Accounting *2


Business Management and Tax Reduction Support

We will provide advice on business management using the functions of Freee Accounting. We will also propose tax-saving methods according to the nature of your business as needed. Note that assistance in creating a business plan and assistance in applying for subsidies and grants are charged separately, but please contact us at any time for more information.

Payroll and My Number Management

We provide payroll and My Number management for up to 5 employees at no additional charge (Payroll is automatically calculated using cloud accounting. If there are any changes to employee information, please contact our office and we will change the employee information on your behalf). For more than 5 employees, we will charge +15,000 yen per 5 employees.

Bookkeeping and Accounting Software Entry Service

Upload receipts, copies of passbooks, credit card statements, sales charts, invoices, etc. to the cloud accounting system, and our office will do the bookkeeping and data entry into the cloud accounting software on your behalf.

Year-end adjustment (statutory report)

We can perform year-end adjustments (statutory report) for up to 5 employees at no additional charge. For year-end adjustments (statutory report) for 6 or more employees, we will charge from +3,000 yen per employee. *Includes preparation and filing of payment reports and payroll reports.

*1 With the Minimum Plan, all bookkeeping is handled by the customer. We will prepare financial statements and tax returns based on the information registered with Freee.
*1 Interim tax returns, scheduled tax payments, and depreciable asset tax are charged separately (from 15,000 yen).
*1 Please refer to this page if you would like to make a spot request only for financial statements and tax returns.

*2 We will explain how to operate and set up the system, but if we need to do the bookkeeping and set up the system or visit the customer, we will charge an additional fee.

*3 We make proposals based on consultation and requests from our clients. We do not make excessive tax-saving proposals.

*4 We ask for your final confirmation and approval of all the contents of your bookkeeping.

*4 Additional fees may be required if documents are sent by mail, if documents cannot be separated by account, or if private expenses are mixed.

*4 Receipt organization is not included. Receipt sorting and filing are available for an additional fee of 10,000 yen/month or more. As a general rule, we provide answers, assistance, and proposals as soon as we receive a consultation from a client. We do not engage in aggressive sales or excessive tax-saving proposals from our office.

Option Services


⚫︎ Bookkeeping and Freee Accounting data input service

Basic fee: 15,000 yen (excluding tax) + 10,000 yen per 100 journal entries/ month

⚫︎ Monthly closing

Basic fee: from 15,000 yen (excluding tax) Monthly closing results will be reported by the following month.

⚫︎Payroll and My Number Management

Basic fee: from 15,000 yen (excluding tax) / month (up to 10 employees) + (11 or more) 2,000 yen (excluding tax) / person."

⚫︎ Year-end income tax adjustment

(Statutory report and payroll report) Basic fee: 25,000 yen (up to 5 people) + (for 6 or more people) 3,000 yen (excluding tax) / person

⚫︎ Annual renewal of labor insurance

Basic fee: 18,000 yen (excluding tax) (up to 10 persons) + (11 or more persons) 5,000 yen (excluding tax) / 10 persons."

⚫︎Preparation and filing of withholding tax statement (e-Tax)

Basic fee: from 5,000 yen (excluding tax) / month

⚫︎Basic social insurance calculation report

The basic report of social insurance calculation is available from 30,000 yen for up to 5 employees and +3,000 yen per employee for 6 or more employees.

⚫︎Tax office response and tax audit response

Basic fee: 5,000 yen (excluding tax) / hour If a tax audit needs to be attended, additional costs will be incurred, including transportation expenses. We will provide an estimate in advance.



◆Precaution regarding business size

  • For individual clients, the size of the client's business (annual income) includes not only business income, but also all sales, income from salaries, real estate income, dividend income, and all other sales, income, and sales proceeds. For clients with special businesses or special corporate structures, we may propose an amount higher than the fees listed above. If the size or nature of the business changes significantly, we may consult with you regarding the closing fees.

◆Precaution for closing accounts

  • The above fees include the settlement of accounts and final tax returns for income tax, corporate tax, local tax, business tax, and consumption tax. Business office tax, tax refund, correction request, amended tax return, and other special tax returns" are charged separately. Separate fees may be required for special transactions such as declarations for virtual currency and overseas transactions, depending on the contents of the declaration.

For clients who only request account closings and tax filings:

For clients who wish to engage only in account closings and tax filings without entering into a partner contract, please refer to this page for details.

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