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Toward a new era of accounting created by AI and cloud computing.

LOOK UP ACCOUNTING offers cloud accounting services for a new era.

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What LOOK UP ACCOUNTING can do for you.

We utilize cloud accounting software and AI to support your entire tax, accounting, and labor operations.


Tax Services

We provide accurate tax processing in accordance with tax laws and regulations.

Tax Return

We calculate and file annual taxes based on financial documents.

Tax Investigation Response

We support our clients in tax audits by providing appropriate materials and explanations to tax authorities, ensuring a smooth response.

Share Latest Tax information.

We provide information on tax law changes and new regulations quickly to minimize the impact on your business.

Tax Savings

We will give suggestions on tax saving as needed to minimize your cash outflow.


Advantages of Cloud Accounting Software

Can be used from any location and device

You can use our services from any location or device with an Internet connection. You can access the system from your own PC, tablet, or smartphone. This is much more convenient than conventional systems which could only be accessed from the PC on which the accounting system was installed.

Can be used by multiple people at the same time

Accounting data is stored in the cloud, so there is no need to worry about data corruption or loss. In addition, since the accounting system is always up-to-date, it can respond in a timely fashion to the latest tax regulations. Conventional installed systems can lose data if the PC breaks down, and it is also inconvenient because of the cost and time required to update the accounting system each time it is updated.

Automatic linkage to bank accounts, credit cards, and other major applications and systems

Can be used from any location or device with an Internet connection. Services can be accessed from your own PC, tablet, or smartphone. Conventional installed systems also have the 'risk' of losing data if the PC breaks down.

No need to back up data or update accounting software.

Multiple people can connect and enter data simultaneously. It encourages division of labor and flexible work styles. Conventional installed systems were inconvenient because, as a rule, one person was in charge and had to work on a particular PC.



Three reasons to choose LOOK UP ACCOUNTING


Realization of low cost

Offered from 10,000 yen per month Closing fees start at 0 yen Fee structure emphasizes transparency

Support is available entirely online using Freee, a cloud accounting software that pursues efficiency in accounting, as well as via services such as Slack, Zoom, and Google to facilitate communication. Services are offered at reasonable prices starting at 10,000 yen per month, with pricing corresponding to the size of the business and annual sales.


High level of expertise

Experts in cloud accounting Qualified group of tax, labor and legal professionals Extensive background

By specializing in 'Freee' cloud accounting, we support our clients in the digitalization and streamlining of their back office operations. We also have tax accountants, certified public accountants, labor and social security attorneys, and lawyers who can lead you to a solution via the shortest course, even in situations that require a high level of expertise.



Online completion

Automatic Internet linkage of accounting processes State-of-the-art communication tools Strong compliance with the Electronic Bookkeeping Act

Utilizing user-friendly online tools, we provide services to and receive inquiries from customers online. By automating online information collaboration, we are able to reduce the burden of accounting work and comply with the Electronic Bookkeeping Act.

We have customers in a wide variety of fields.

IT & Systems

Human Resource


Web & Advertising

Medical care


Beauty & Esthetics

Real Estate



Services and Fees

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Accounting and Tax Partners Services


Zero closing fees. Only a fixed monthly fee. Our tax and accounting experts will support your business as your partner.



Closing of accounts and tax returns Service

From 180,000 yen/per filing

For clients who have not signed a partnership agreement, we offer a stand-alone service for "account closure and tax returns" and a combined service for "bookkeeping, account closing and tax returns.

Apps and tools that can be used in conjunction

Click here to learn more.

Freee's professional cloud accounting software support & effective utilization advice

If you are considering introducing or are already using the cloud accounting software Freee, we will provide smooth introduction support and advice on how to use it effectively and efficiently. If you have any questions or concerns about 'Freee', please do not hesitate to contact us.


Setting up Service Usage

Process prior to signing the contract

Process after signing the contract


Contact Us


Free Consultation


Linkage and Input of Data


Monthly Check


Mid-term Consultation


Pre-closing Meeting


Tax return


Signing of Partner Agreement


Meet the Staff

Yonemitsu Kentaro

Yonemitsu Kentaro




Vice representative





What our clients have to say

Aotoki Inc.

Advertisement design, social media operation agency, and education business

Since we hired an accounting agency, we have been freed from the daily detailed accounting work and can concentrate on our business. In addition, the monthly advisory contract gives us feedback on our company's performance and brushes up on our business plan, so we are able to grow our business with a great sense of security.

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